About us

Premius is a visionary, innovative and structured company, offering multiple services as a real estate developer, general contractor and manager of commercial and residential buildings.

Premius offers its partners and tenants prime locations strategically located in the heart of high population growth areas with thriving economies.

We operate mid-sized outdoor shopping centers focused on proximity services with the largest national banners known for their traffic, as well as prime multi-residential buildings with more than 685 residential units built and in development on the South Shore and 714 residential units on the island of Montreal.

In addition to offering high-quality buildings that meet industry expectations, we offer our tenants personalized and adapted projects to meet their needs.

Premius owns and manages nearly 1,000,000 square feet of retail space, nearly 685 residential units built and in development on the South Shore of Montreal and 714 residential units on the island of Montreal. With a vacancy rate of less than 5%, our properties are recent and in excellent condition.

Premius, a wise real estate choice!

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